The Healthy Divorce Program

A life-changing course designed to help you rebuild your life following divorce or separation.

What is The Healthy Divorce Program?

The Healthy Divorce Program is a face to face program for anyone who is going through divorce or is already divorced or separated. It is a confidential group program facilitated by Pamela Cominos.

The Healthy Divorce Program has been specifically designed to educate, empower and teach individuals who are facing the challenges of separation or divorce, (whether this is a recent event or something that ended many years ago), to rebuild their life with dignity and create meaningful and happy lives moving forward.

The Program helps individuals shift from a paradigm of blame, guilt or shame and embrace a new and conscious way of living life from a paradigm of choice, compassion and courage.

The Healthy Divorce Program is a transformational coaching program that profoundly changes the way individuals handle their divorce or separation. The program is founded upon 7 key principles that are time-tested and effective tools that can be implemented to make changes for the better in all areas of life including communication, parenting, money, self-care and forging healthy intimate relationships.

7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce

The 7 Principles form the foundation of the Healthy Divorce Program. We teach you how to apply these principles in your life so that you can reclaim control of your life.

Principle 1: Get real, get responsible

The whole concept of this principle is all about empowering YOU!

You will discover what being real and responsible means and what is costs you when you’re not!

You will immediately discover a brand new way of handling any difficult situation.

Principle 2: Get curious, not furious

Getting curious is the key to having successful negotiations and taking control of any challenging situation.

You will learn to get curious, stay calm, cool and in control.

Principle 3: Self care: it’s not selfish; it’s necessary

Why is it so hard to look after ourselves? Often we don’t see the value in this or are conditioned to believe we are not deserving.

You get the opportunity to break free from old thinking and nurture and take care of number one – YOU!

Principle 4: Forgiveness is freedom

There is nothing more liberating than forgiveness!  But, boy how hard is it to do?

Learn to let go, make peace with your past and set yourself free!


Principle 5: Your money matters

Are you worried about money? Do you stay awake wondering how you will pay your bills or worried that you don’t know how your financial future looks?

Learn how to give up your negative ‘money script’ and discover a new relationship with money!

Your financial future is in your hands!

Principle 6: Create your dream team

Olympic medallists, top CEO’s and great leaders often have a dream team around them. If you want to reach your true potential, then it makes sense to find and create your own personal and professional dream team.

Principle 7: Create a life you love

Have fun again, challenge yourself, invest in your future!

Come and learn how you can create the life you want – a life you’re proud of!

This Course Is for You If You Are:

  • Going through a divorce or already divorced or separated
  • Wanting to overcome the feelings of overwhelm, grief and confusion
  • Looking for effective ways of dealing with your ex- partner
  • Wanting to know how to support your children
  • Ready to learn from the past a create the truly amazing and happy life that you love and deserve!

How Will This Course Benefit You?

By attending the Healthy Divorce Program, you will:

  • Learn how to overcome and manage fear, guilt and blame that divorce or a break-up brings
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn how to not break-down each time you need to talk to your ex-partner
  • Reduce your legal costs through having a healthy mindset about divorce
  • Meet other people going through the same thing as you – divorce doesn’t have to be a lonely experience!

What’s Included?


  • One full day of discussion, coaching and mentoring
  • A work book for you to really engage with the content and put into practice the 7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce
  • Morning and afternoon tea and coffee


“I loved the program, because the principles I learnt, I now apply in my life.”

“After I completed the program, I realised that life is too short!  I wasn’t going to spend my life in a battlefield with my ex-wife.  I was ready to let go, forgive and move on.”

Mark, 34

“I’ve had 3 marriages and after I listened to Pamela’s 7 principles – I realised that I didn’t fail – in fact each one has taught me so much about myself, relationships and life.  Today I live with a renewed energy and aliveness.”

Margaret, 59